Use Your 2023 Express Grant Funding to Pay for Trainings in 2024!

As 2023 nears the finish line, it’s easy for deadlines to slip through the cracks. With this in mind, we are here with a friendly (and important) reminder that December 10th, 2023 is the final day to submit a MA Workforce Training Fund Express Grant application to access the remainder of your company’s eligible 2023 grant funding.

A few key facts about Express Grant funding:

• Companies with 100 MA employees or less are eligible to apply for up to $20,000 per year to reimburse you for the cost of approved trainings.
• All of BE+’s currently scheduled public trainings are approved under the Express Program.
• Once your grant application is approved, the funding is good for 2 years, so you can use your funds in 2024 and 2025.
• 2023 funding applications cannot be modified in 2024 so be sure to choose courses you know you or someone at your company will take.
• Submit your application by December 10th, 2023 to secure your funds!
Register for the trainings on the BE+ website to secure your spot.

Complete an Express Grant application for any of our upcoming scheduled courses:

November 9th: Tools for Building Life-Cycle Assessment (Tally)
Grant deadline passed

November 28th: Energy Codes and Trends
Grant deadline passed

December 4th start: Phius Certified Rater Training
Grant deadline: November 13th; Grant ID #1143064

December 4th start: Phius Certified Building (CPHB) Training
Grant deadline: November 13th; Grant ID #1146564

December 12th: Intro to Designing a Net Zero Building
Grant deadline: November 21st; Grant ID #1131177

January 9th start: Lead Carpenter Training
Grant deadline: December 19th; Grant ID #1135459

March 4th start: Certified Passive House Consultant CPHC® Training (Phius)
April 8th start: Certified Passive House Consultant CPHC® Training (Phius)
May Date / MA Cohort Coming Soon
Grant deadline: 21 days before courses start date
Grant ID #1134101

Pro Tip: Submit your 2023 Express Grant application for the CPHC Training by December 10th and list January 1st as the course start date, and the end date 2 years after that. Then you can decide which CPHC course date to register for (since the application would have been submitted 21 days before the course start date).

January 17th start: Certified Passive House Designer (PHI) Training, Atlantic Cohort
Grant deadline: December 27th; Grant ID #1135246

February Date TBD: Embodied Carbon in Concrete and Wood
Grant deadline: January 18th; Grant ID #1148973

Express Grant applications can also be submitted for course(s) that are approved for the Express Program, even if they have not yet been scheduled. Please check with BE+ before submitting those applications so we can confirm if and when we will be offering those courses.

We want to hear from all levels of professionals across the industry: Which BE+ courses do you and/or staff at your firm want to take? Are there course topics missing that you would like to see us offer?

Review the Training Priority List and complete the Training Interest Form now to let us know which courses you and/or your firm are interested in taking, and reach out to BE+ if you need help completing an Express Grant application for those trainings. Also reach out to us if you want to talk about a more comprehensive education program for your employees.

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