The Mission Statement of Built Environment Plus is:

We drive sustainable and regenerative design, construction, and operation of the built environment!

and, our Vision Statement is:

We envision a thriving and diverse community, creating a built environment of net positive systems of water and energy, of financial and social equity, and of ecological and human health.

Built Environment Plus, formerly known as the USGBC Massachusetts Chapter, is a membership-based community advocating for green buildings at the state and local level. Built Environment Plus provides green building education, networking, advocacy, and leadership opportunities for the sustainable building practitioner community and beyond. Our events and programming are supported and enhanced by the volunteer efforts of our community members.

Over 600 people participate as members & active volunteers, and over 15,000 people subscribe to our various communication lists. Through our many committees, we address all aspects of the greening of the real estate sector: planning, design & engineering, construction, management & operation, and beyond. We help all practitioners by promoting market transformation.

Outcomes of our activities are better buildings and corresponding environmental and social benefits. We know buildings are better when they are certified through the LEED system, the WELL system, and when they achieve the Living Building Challenge and associated petal challenges. Utilization of the EPA’s Energy Star system and other similar tools combine to improve building operations and management. Using various components of the broad matrix of building assessment processes lead to reduced energy use and corresponding greenhouse gas reductions, reduced water consumption, reduced toxicity, and improved indoor environments for occupants.

These environmental and social benefits are shared by many of our peer organizations, professional associations, and municipal and state jurisdictions, leading to sustainability for our communities.

You can join us by becoming a member and be a part of this massive effort to improve the built environment.

Chapter History

The road was first paved in 2008 when the USGBC MA Membership Forum was formed with the support of The Green Roundtable/NEXUS. On September 20th, 2009, the organization incorporated as a Chapter of the USGBC, due to the efforts of many dedicated members and the Board of Directors, as well as support from USGBC and NEXUS.

In early 2016, the Chapter became the lead advocate for the WELL Building Standard, as part of the USGBC portfolio of building rating tools.

In April 2016, the Chapter’s Board voted unanimously to participate with the International Living Future Institute to support and represent that organization in the greater Boston region by hosting the Living Building Challenge Collaborative of Boston.

In 2020, the Chapter’s community and board voted to change the organization name to Built Environment Plus. This change reflected our growth and evolution as an organization, our new continued strong relationship with USGBC national, and our partnerships with other industry leaders. The state officially approved of the change in March 2020. Learn more about the rebranding here.

We encourage participation from the green building industry and beyond in helping us achieve our mission.

How You Can Become Involved: