Workforce Training Grants: Accelerating Our Mission

Million Funded

People Trained

Courses Available

Since 2018, Built Environment Plus has directed $1.2M of Workforce Training Funds to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Green Building Community, which has provided FREE training for 800+ individuals. This education effort is driving sustainable and regenerative design, construction, and operations of the built environment.

Participating in the Express Program or existing General Program from the Commonwealth’s Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) is a smart move for you and the planet. Built Environment Plus is curating important training to meet the needs of the local building industry for this moment.
This page was created to help introduce the two grants, to compare them, and to help you quickly see the amazing opportunity they provide. Please visit the Workforce Training Funds website to read all the details in full and get in contact with us so we can help curate the best experience for you.

“The Workforce Training Grant has supported Payette staff in learning new tools and skills that enables us to continue to push our designs in order to create better buildings.”

Andrea Love

Principal and Director of Building Science, Payette

Two Grant Programs Available:

Express Program

This grant is designed to help businesses with 100 Massachusetts employees or fewer respond quickly to emerging needs and keep employees engaged. With bite-size grants for just-in-time training and no waiting periods between grants, the Express program is the Workforce Training Fund’s fastest path to funding.


Express Quick Comparison

  • Fastest path to funding.
  • Respond quickly to emerging needs.
  • Bitesize grants.
  • No waiting periods between grants.
  • Limited amount per year.
  • No minimum number of employees.
  • Must pay for employee time.

BE+ Express Program

  • BE+ curated training catalogue.
  • BE+ can provide guidance. 
  • BE+ responds to your needs.

Express Program Process

    1. Pick a Course

      • Choose one or more courses from the Express Directory
      • Refer to the BE+ Course Catalog to see which courses we offer

    2. Gather Application Materials

      • Refer to the BE+ Trainings page to ensure the course(s) have been scheduled.
      • Get a Certificate of Good Standing

    3. Apply for Funding, Express Program Application:

      • Apply at least 21 days before the training begins

    4. Accept your Award:

      • Easy e-signature to enter into an agreement

    5. Register for Courses

      • Register for courses on the BE+ website

    6. Attend Courses

      • Send employees to courses

    7. Request Reimbursement

      • Submit proof of payment and roster of attendees

    Read more and get the full details on the Express Program’s webpage.

    General Program

    This grant is designed to help businesses of all sizes develop a 2-year curriculum to fit their needs. BE+ works with the companies to identify trainings, write the application, and administer the general grant. Companies then match the grant amount with the cost of employee time.


    General Quick Comparisson

    • Comprehensive customized curriculum. 
    • 2 year time-frame.  
    • Waiting period between grants.
    • Greater amount of funding.
    • Minimum # of attendees.
    • Private trainings.
    • Companies match with the cost of employee time.

    BE+ General Program

    • BE+ curated training catalogue (can add).
    • BE+ can work with you to create curriculum.
    • BE+ can write and submit the application. 
    • BE+ can administer the grant. 
    • BE+ can find partner organizations.
    • BE+ connects you with the trainers.
    • BE+ can provide support over grant duration.

    BE+ General Program Process

    • Contact us.
    • Develop Curriculum.
    • Submit Grant.
    • Handle paper work with Commonwealth Corp.
    • Memorandum of Understanding with instructors.
    • Quarterly activity reporting and fiscal status reports.
    • Grant closeout.


    • Choose courses from our catalogue: on own for the rest
    • BE+ administers:
      • Consortium: 2 to 3 companies 
      • Usually represents 125 employees in total.
      • $2,000 worth of training per employee.


    Why a Consortium?

    • Course Variety
    • More Instances
    • Less pressure on match
    • Build relationships

    Read more and get the full details on the General Program’s webpage.

    Both Programs could fund up to 100% of your training!

    Training Catalogue

    We have curated over 150 courses to serve the New England Green Building Community. These include Intro and Exam Prep classes for accreditation in LEED, International Living Futures Institute, PassiveHouse, and WELL. Fundamental courses like Healthy Materials, Buildings and Carbon, and Intro to Designing a Net Zero Building, for example, get all members of a design team on the same page. Check out the full catalogue below and add courses to the form to let us know what is of interest. These training courses are not just limited to grantees, and we can work with instructors to faciliate as needed.

    Your Participation is Crucial

    Built Environment Plus is committed to upholding our mission to promote, train, and advocate for all forms of sustainable and regenerative building. We are focused on bringing relevant instruction to address the needs of the design, construction, and operations workforce in order to make this happen.
    Businesses that participate in our offered training will develop industry leading skills in:
    Integrative Design Planning and Strategies for High Performance Buildings
    Current Green Design Standards
    Green Building Rating Systems
    Occupant Health & Wellness
    Energy Efficiency & Carbon Management
    Operations and Management of Green Buildings
    Critical Leadership Thinking and Strategies
    Business Operations Software and Tools
    Building Industry Software and Tools
    Presentation and Communication Best Practices

    Current and Previous Clients

    • Elkus Manfredi / Kalin Associates / The Green Engineer / Icon Engineering
    • Payette / SAAM
    • Gensler / Arup
    • HMFH / PCA
    • Dimella Shaffer / Leers Weinzapfel / BR+A
    • Utile, Bergmeyer, Goody Clancy, Höweler + Yoon, Next Phase Studios, AHA, Buro Happold, BFE Architects, MPS Architects, Fused Studios, Cool Green Power, Synergy Construction, DSKAP, Abode Energy Management, New Ecology, IHC Design, Prism Energy Services, B2Q Associates and more..

    “Utilizing this program for a series of whole office engagements around design excellence was a great boon to Goody Clancy because direct costs were completely covered.  The workshops, led by Barbra Batshalom of the Sustainable Performance Institute, were a major step forward in ensuring that all members of the firm, including marketing, accounting, and support, understand the values and goals of our sustainability/design excellence framework plan.”

    Lori Ferriss

    Director of Sustainability and Climate Action, Goody Clancy

    The Workforce Training Fund Grants are funded by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development. The grant program is administered by Commonwealth Corporation.

    We are here to help you!

    While we will hold Workforce Training Open Houses from time to time so you can learn more and ask questions, we also want you to get in contact with us to discuss when you want too. Email us at or give us a call at 617-752-2422.