Our Communities

We welcome you to join in! Community roundtables are FREE for Newcomers and BE+ Members.

BE+ convenes communities around vital topics of interest and concern to our members. The Communities host regular roundtables and other events that enable like-minded professionals to gather and build connection, explore issues, define and develop actions, plan responsive events and trainings, tap into “group genius” to overcome obstacles, celebrate success, and enjoy each other’s company.

Check out our active BE+ Communities for ways to get involved:

Carbon & Energy Community

BE+ Carbon & Energy Community

Emerging Professionals Community

Emerging Professionals Community

Living Future Community

Living Future Community

Decarbonize Existing Buildings Alliance

Decarbonize Existing Buildings

Health & Wellness Community

Health and Wellness Community

Women In Green Community

Women In Green Community

In addition to roundtables, the communities host social events and organize informative events to educate the broader AEC industry throughout the year.  As well, the communities inform BE+’s robust educational training curriculum.  Each community aligns with one of BE+’s premier annual events; Building Tech Forum, Sustainability Scavenger Hunt, Design for People Summit, Women in Green Breakfast, Green Building Bike Tour and the Green Building Showcase.   

Community Stewardship

Our communities are the heart of the organization. We invite you to help nurture these vital networks of camaraderie and collaboration by becoming a Community Steward. Stewardship includes access to the community’s roundtables for your employees, as well as sponsorship of the Community’s associated Premier Event. Show your leadership and support by becoming a Community Steward today. Interested? Fill out the form below for more information.

Interested in Community Stewardship? Contact us and we will get back to you!