The BE+ Decarbonize Existing Building Alliance Community brings together architects, designers, construction managers, and sustainability professionals to discuss issues related to existing buildings.

Reach out to [email protected] with any inquiries, questions, or concerns.

    Objectives: Promote the transformation of communities throughout Boston and New England that are socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative.

    Increase awareness of energy disclosure ordinances including BERDO and BEUDO and enhance understanding of requirements. 

    Provide information and resources to reporting organizations that answer “how do we comply” questions through general and building-sector specific webinars.

    Convene regular roundtable discussions among practitioners, participants, manufacturers and other stakeholders.

    Engage disadvantaged/underserved communities.

    Share best practices and lessons learned.

    Provide resources to building owners to help understand decarbonization pathways and create carbon reduction roadmaps.

    Work with non-profit partners to provide information about/introductions to established practitioners. 

    What is the D.E.B. Alliance Community?

    Existing buildings are major contributors to climate change. In 2015, existing residential and commercial buildings generated 1,913.3 MMtCO2e, or 29 percent of total U.S. emissions.

    To help address this sector, Built Environment Plus (BE+) with Rethinking Power Management LLC (RPM) are spearheading a coalition of organizations with expertise in GHG reduction and who are committed to supporting decarbonization in existing buildings.

    Topics & Speakers

    April 2023 - Emissions Reduction Mandates: BERDO & BEUDO

    At our April session, we’ll be focusing primarily on Boston’s BERDO ordinance and are excited to welcome Hannah Payne, Boston’s Director of Carbon Neutrality, to share information and answer questions. We’re also excited to welcome Seth Federspiel, Cambridge’s Climate Program Manager, to share updates and answer questions on their BEUDO ordinance. Bill Riordan, Senior VP at AlbireoEnergy, will be moderating the session.

    Subject Matter Experts:
    Hannah Payne | Director of Carbon Neutrality | City of Boston
    Seth Federspiel | Climate Program Manager | City of Cambridge

    February 2023 - Where to Start: Impacts of Increasing R Value on Building Performance

    Staying with the ‘Where to Start’ theme, we’ll be focusing on increasing envelope R values, specifically walls and windows.

    Rand Lemley | Architect with D/R/E/A/M Collaborative

    Andrew Steingiser | Associate & Project Architect at RDH Building Science

    Rebecca O’Hearn | Sustainability Consultant at Linnean Solutions


    December – Where to Start: Ventilation & Ventilation Controls

    October – Where to Start: Low and Moderate Cost Envelope Improvements

    August – Where to Start?

    June – Welcome + Kickoff Planning Session

    Community Stewards

    Rethinking Power Management
    Vicinity Energy
    Albireo Energy
    Massachusetts Clean Energy Center

    Community Leadership

    Ilene Mason

    Ilene Mason


    Founder and CEO at Rethinking Power Management

    Rand Lemley

    Rand Lemley


    Architect at DREAM Collaborative