The BE+ Health and Wellness Community brings together architects, designers, construction managers, and sustainability professionals to discuss issues related to healthy buildings.

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    Topics & Speakers

    May 10th, 2024 - How Architects and Designers Select Healthy Materials
    During our May 10th Roundtable we will have a few subject matter experts talk about the approach they take to selecting healthy materials, followed by a lively discussion. Please come ready to share your thoughts on selecting healthy materials. This could include how you work with clients to set healthy materials goals, products and materials you struggle with, or databases you find helpful.

    Featured Subject Matter Experts:
    Alexandra Gadawski, HMFH
    Keihly Moore, Studio G
    Xoey Teixeira, Perkins Eastman
    May Hyatt, Bergmeyer
    Dieter Cartwright, Dutch East Design

    March 8th, 2024 - Open Mic Lunch! H&W Resource Sharing
    Our March 8th Roundtable will be focused on resource sharing. This roundtable will provide an opportunity to share your resources with the H&W Community, as well as learn from others about the resources they have found helpful in creating healthy buildings.

    Matt Root (Integrated Eco Strategy) – Red 2 Green
    Barbara Batshalom (SPI) – Operationalizing the CMF using BuildingEase
    Alexandra Christiana (HMFH) – Mindful Materials Lighting advocacy letter
    Brent Ehrlich (BuildingGreen) – BuildingGreen Suite material vetting
    Michelle Granick and Matt Miller (PCA) – Material Label Decoder
    Mandy Miller (Elkus Manfredi) – Eco gatekeeping
    Kristen Fritsch  (Elkus Manfredi) – Chair scorecard tag
    Michael Munn (The Green Engineer) – WELL material tracking tool

    January 2024 - PFAS in Materials Specifications

    A continuation of the Health & Wellness Community’s PFAS in the Built Environment Series. In this session, we’ll be focusing on materials specifications, highlighting processes, tools, and case studies on how to eliminate PFAS from our building materials. We’ll also explore how to treat PFAS in our waste streams after demolition and deconstruction.

    Watch the PFAS in the Built Environment webinar (Aug. 2023) here.

    Subject Matter Experts:
    Lisa Goodwin Robins | Architect/Specifier | Kalin Associates Inc.
    Mikhail Davis | Director of Technical Sustainability | Interface
    Amanda Garvey | Vice President | Thornton Tomasetti
    Rebecca Hatchadorian | Director, Sustainable Built Environment | Harvard University
    Jack Dinning 
    | Senior Materials Specialist | Brightworks Sustainability

    January 12th, 12-1pm, virtual. Register here.

    November 2023 - PFAS + Water

    Is it feasible to filter or eliminate PFAS in water at the building level? What role can LEED and WELL play in PFAS mitigation in our buildings’ water systems? Are there things people are already doing to mitigate PFAS contamination in water in our building projects? These are all questions we’ll explore at the November Health & Wellness Roundtable focusing on PFAS + Water. We’ll be joined by a group of experts on the issue who may have some answers.

    Subject Matter Experts:
    Sergio Cahueque | Organizer | Defend Our Health
    Lindsey Lawson | Sustainability Consultant | The Green Engineer
    Jennifer Pederson | Executive Director | Mass Water Works
    Patrick Wittbold | Research Engineer | Water and Energy Technology (WET) Center, UMass Amherst

    November 17th, 12-1pm, virtual. Register here.

    September 2023 - PFAS in the Built Environment - Informative Event

    Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are chemicals that don’t break down in the environment and can harm our health. This session focuses on raising awareness of PFAS in the built environment, looking at all stages: the overarching science, manufacturing, introduction into building, presence in turf fields, environmental effects in drinking water, and end of life in deconstruction. The conversation will include multiple speakers from a variety of backgrounds, bringing more attention to the issues surrounding PFAS.

    Learn more and register:

    May 2023 - Induction Stoves in Housing, Health Impacts of Gas in Buildings

    Topic description and Subject Matter Experts TBA

    March 2023 - Creating Healthy Environments: Work and Academic Spaces

    How do we create healthy environments to both encourage in-person collaboration in offices and universities and to adapt to meet remote and hybrid needs?

    There has been a shift in the ways we work and collaborate. Policies and design changes can be implemented to help bring people back to the office/academic spaces while embracing flexibility. How can health and wellness strategies from rating systems like WELL and Fitwel adapt to this new hybrid work environment?

    Subject Matter Experts:
    Jeff Hyman, Chief Sustainability Officer | Green Hub Sustainability Agents LLC
    Dan Schnitzer, Program Manager for Sustainability | Red Hat

    January 2023 - Intersection of Light and Wellbeing

    Lighting has a direct influence on the well-being of its inhabitants. This roundtable aims to hear from experts in the field about what they believe to be the benefits and importance of lighting and how it affects us. Topics could range from electric lighting and daylighting, circadian rhythm, color temperature, quality of light, and glare control. This is an interactive discussion and encourages everyone to participate and share things they may be struggling with, as well as success stories.

    Featured Speakers:

    Chad Groshart | Lighting Design Director at Atelier Ten

    Josh Feinstein | Co-Founder and Principal at Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting

    Jake Wayne | Associate Lighting at Arup


    November – Biophilia

    September – Intersections with Passive House

    July – Affordable Housing

    May – Existing Building Retrofit

    March – Owner’s Perspective
    Alexandria Real Estate Equities Develops and owns extensive life sciences properties throughout the Greater Boston region. They cater to a demanding life science sector that demands Class A space. Health and Wellness is one of the important aspects of these developments.
    Rick Malmstrom is the Executive Director – Sustainability Operations at Alexandria, and will talk about their approach to delivering healthy buildings.

    Featured Leaders:

    Rick Malmstrom | Executive Director, Sustainability Operations at Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.

    January – Reflection and Year Ahead


    December – ???? Bright Ideas in Lighting
    Lighting, both natural and manufactured, is essential to human health and wellness. The roundtable speakers will share their work in the field, with a discussion of the whole life cycle impacts of lighting, as well as the idea of “perception……” Please join us to learn, and to share your ideas and experiences in the realm of light

    Featuring Lighting Leaders:

    Alexandra Gadawski AIA, LEED AP BD+C | WELL AP – Architect / Sustainability leader at HMFH Architects

    Keith Yancey IALD, AIA, LC, P.E. | Principal at Lam Partners

    Melissa Mattes LC, LFA, | Senior Lighting Designer at Sladen Feinstein Integrated Lighting Inc.

    November – Big Wins and Challenges in Building Rating Certifications
    More info to come – Presentations of built projects by local leaders discussing the successes and challenges when using various rating systems to drive health and wellness in the finished design.

    September – Member Input & Planning Meeting

    August – Materials Universe
    The products we use to construct our buildings and create engaging interior spaces are expected to do more than serve a function or aesthetic. Today’s materials are being asked to have healthier ingredients, lower embodied carbon and promote circularity, and, if they’re really well conceived, address inequities and injustice throughout their supply chains.

    Building and product certifications, as well as commitments like the 2030 Challenge or AIA Material’s Pledge provide us with frameworks for setting materials goals. Research continues to evolve to support, or even challenge, the use of certain materials. It’s a lot to stay on top of given that product selection is likely only one facet of our work.

    Jack Dinning of Brightworks Sustainability, and a materials consultant to Harvard’s Office of Sustainability, has been regularly mapping the building products ecosystem, and is looking to engage practitioners at all levels of experience to share information and strategies for pursuing optimized materials goals.

    Note: Attendees will get access to a Miro board prior to the session that will be the focus of the collaborative discussion and once complete, can serve as a resource for accelerating the work of optimized materials.

    Community Stewards

    Community Leadership

    Carrie Havey

    Carrie Havey


    Principal at The Green Engineer

    Lindsay Bach

    Lindsay Bach


    Interior Designer NCIDQ, LEEP AP ID+C at PCA Design

    Rebecca Rahmlow

    Rebecca Rahmlow

    Board Liaison

    Senior Associate and Sustainability Consultant, Thornton Tomasetti

    Jennifer Taranto

    Jennifer Taranto

    Board Liaison

    Vice President of Sustainability at STO Building Group

    Rebecca Schofield

    Rebecca Schofield

    Board Liaison

    Developer at Pennrose


    Collaborate with us to navigate the complex healthy-materials universe in the building industry.

    Catch up by reviewing the August 2021 roundtable recording below, and visit the Materials Universe Miro. Tell us where you are from, check out all the resources, and we invite you to add to this board too!

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