We are thrilled to invite the AEC community to join BE+ CONNECTS, a directory of high-performance building professionals.

Help prospective clients discover why you are the experienced professional they need. Take these steps to begin the exciting process of confirming your commitment and tracking your work.


1. “Join as a Pro” by creating a User account.

2. Create a Professional Profile (Requires approval from BE+ admin before you can continue to the next step)

3. Connect your Professional Profile to existing Projects and your Company/s.

4. Create Project and Company Profiles that are missing.

5. Review existing profiles and add/edit information, photography, and connections.

6. Share with your colleagues.


BE+ CONNECTS is an interactive and engaging discovery tool that curates evolving companies, and their linked professionals, to promote expertise to clients designing and constructing high-performance buildings.

It all starts with the foundational perspective that a given company’s expertise is in its people and is proven through its completed and in-progress projects.

This is what makes BE+ CONNECTS unique. The search results reward companies and individual professionals with proven high-performance project experience.

This is accomplished by connecting project profiles directly to the people and companies that made it possible. For the search user, results are ranked by relevant industry and project experience, and once they discover a potential collaborator, they are always guided to contact a selected professional directly.

There are three profile page types:


Individual professionals have personal profiles which showcase their full career and project experience. The page showcases to users why a given professional has the proven experience to make their project possible. With connected companies and projects, a professional is able to give context and aggregate data to showcase their impact.


Company Profiles seek to showcase the breadth of embodied employee knowledge and intellectual property that makes up their total experience. Both linked professionals and linked projects aggregate to provide total years of experience and organizational project impact.


Project Profiles are the backbone of the site and prove the expertise of the professionals under their connected companies. These profiles capture the relevant high-performance project stats and are to be connected to the professionals and companies that made it possible. Project profiles are shared and can be edited by any Pro on the site.

Who can join?

Architects, Contractors, Developers, Engineers, Sub-contractors, and Sustainability consultants who work on commercial and large residential buildings are welcomed to join.

Companies, professionals, and projects can be located anywhere in the United States, with sorting and filtering functions provided to help facilitate relevant connections.

User accounts and professional profiles are free to create, with the full ability to edit, publish, and connect project profiles. All accounts require site admin approval before going live.

Company Profiles are free for the first year and require a user account to create. (More info to come)