Randy Butler from Superior Essex discusses smart buildings and why they are safer, more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. Using building automation and intelligent sensors leads to more control and efficiency of big systems. System installation and operation is found to be less expensive upfront and leads to efficient long-term use.


For over 90 years, Superior Essex has forged a path by meeting and exceeding the wire and cable requirements for the automotive, industrial, commercial, residential, energy and communications markets.

We proudly trace our history back to 1930, when the Essex Wire Corporation was founded in Detroit, Michigan. Meanwhile, Superior Cable Corporation was founded in 1954, in Hickory, North Carolina. After many years of growth and change, in 1999, Superior TeleCom (formerly Superior Cable) acquired Essex International (formerly Essex Wire) and together they formed the company we are globally known as today – Superior Essex – now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

We continue to expand our product portfolio globally with new innovations and manufacturing throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Thanks to strategic acquisitions focused on future-forward communications technology development and product sustainability, Superior Essex Communications has positioned itself as the industry leader of communications cable product innovation, design and manufacturing.

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Randy Butler
RCDD, LEED Green Associate, Client Advisor on the Demand Creation Team

Randy has 25 years experience in the telecommunications industry and has been with Superior Essex since 2009.  Randy is a member of the Building Industry Consulting Service Industry and is a Registered Communications Distribution Designer. He is also a LEED Green Associate in order to effectively communicate how technology can make the world a better place. He was hired by Superior Essex, an Atlanta based manufacturer of telecommunications cable and equipment, as a sales engineer and supported the national sales team by writing project specifications, conducting technical presentations for Architects, Engineers and Enterprise Corporations in the U.S, Canada and the Caribbean.

Randy is currently a Client advisor on the Demand Creation Team and is responsible for development of new vertical markets and technologies.

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