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We were blown away by all of the incredible mission submissions for our 2022 Sustainability Scavenger Hunt that poured in from Earth Day to Mother(Earth)’s Day. It was electric, and the submissions ranged from educational to iconic. Of the 26 participating teams, six teams completed all available missions, but three teams stood out above the rest with exemplary submissions.

17 days - 1673 submissions

Huge congratulations to the first place winner, the EMigrants, made up of Mehdi, Noushin, Elvi and Tom from Scavenger Hunt sponsor Elkus Manfredi. They truly poured themselves into this year’s hunt, and if you don’t believe us, just watch their Turbine Tumble entry (and try not to smile). All four teammates were together in almost every single submission.

It was a blast presenting the awards and prizes at the May 12th Celebration at The Anchor in Charlestown. We honored the top 3 teams, along with prizes for Top Submission, BE+ Staff Favorite, Top Individual, Community Impact, and more. 

Here is the full list of winners:

Top Team: EMigrants

Second Place Team: DrawDowners

Third Place Team: The scAvengers

Top Submission: The Navigators

for their original poem for Peace Out PFAS mission

PFAS Forever Chemicals


Rain rolls off my jacket

Eggs slide off the pan

Stains glide off the carpet

This versatile invention of man.


Ubiquitous in everything

Animals, land, and sea

Tainted blood and water

Deep in the cells of me.


Passed down through generations

Pollution like cancer grows

Will we ever learn our lesson

Or is this the future we chose?

                             -The Navigators

Top Individual: Juhi Goel, The scAvengers

for her original PFAS poem, The Poison of PFAS 

BE+ Staff Favorite: The Wayfinders for this
20-second rendition of Gene Kelly’s Singin’ in the Rain

Crowd Favorite: Queen V & Triple Aces for their

reclaimed instruments and original Red List tune

Community Impact: NUSBO’s ohWELL

for volunteering at Fresh Truck in Brookline.

ohWELL - Community Impact

Sponsored Awards

Bluebikes’ Shades of Blue mission: EMigrants

Shades of Blue, 150 Points
Bluebikes offers 4,000+ bicycles around the Greater Boston area to help residents access healthier and more sustainable modes of transportation. Support this accomplishment by uploading a photo of a team member wearing as many different items of blue clothing that you can find while standing next to a Bluebike or any blue colored bicycle, if you are outside of Greater Boston.

Members of the winning team each received a free one-year membership to Bluebikes!

Shades of Blue - EMigrants

BuildingEase’s Instruments of Change mission: EMigrants

Building Ease: Instruments of Change, 200 Points 
BuildingEase makes it easy to do the right thing with building products! The platform is free for design teams to research, track, manage, and procure building materials, including ones that are salvaged, repurposed, and recycled. Using materials found around your office, you (and colleagues) creatively repurpose the next few things you consider throwing away by making them into instruments. Next, create a short song about sustainable building products and upload a 30 second video of you (or your group) jamming out. https://buildingease.com/

The EMigrants team took home the BuildingEase Instruments of Change award with this multi-lingual submission to the 2022 BE+ Sustainability Scavenger Hunt. Mehdi says using Adobe and renewable products instead of concrete. Elvi says using clay for tiles and fast growing forests timber.

The winning team each received a waterproof portable solar battery charger. 

Thank you to our Event Sponsors!

Elkus Manfredi

Thank you to our Mission Sponsors!

Elkus Manfredi

Thank you to our generous Prize Donors!

New England Home Furniture Consignment
Lil Bucks

Thank you to our Promotional Partners!

Elkus Manfredi
Elkus Manfredi

We had so much fun with this year’s Scavenger Hunt that we already know we’re doing it all over again next year! Stay tuned to the event page for details on our 3rd annual Sustainability Scavenger Hunt as they unfold. If you’re interested in sponsoring or participating, reach out to eli@builtenvironmentplus.org.

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