Join us in welcoming our Summer 2023 interns Haya Adleh, Alex Basulto, and Lila McNamee! We are so excited to have them on board for the summer to strengthen the BE+ community and advance our mission to drive the sustainable and regenerative design, construction, and operation of the built environment. They have already brought so much exciting interests, passions, and skills to the table, and we can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.

Spencer Gorma

Haya Adleh

My name is Haya Adleh and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to intern with BE+ and delve into the world of the green building industry! Currently, I am pursuing a dual BA/MA degree in Economics with a specific focus on development and sustainability. I had the privilege of studying International Relations abroad in Geneva, Switzerland, and recently completed another enriching study abroad experience in Madrid, Spain. My particular interest lies in the ongoing shift towards clean energy and sustainability, and I am passionate about making this transition accessible to all individuals. I eagerly look forward to expanding my understanding of how we can preserve our built environment and actively contribute to its educational initiatives.

Alex Basulto

Hello! My name is Alex and I am very excited to be participating in BE+’s targeted summer internship to learn more about the different ways in which we can adapt to be in a more sustainable and efficient built environment. I am currently a rising junior at Wentworth Institute of Technology studying in the Bachelor of Science for Architecture Program. Although the type of work that the BE+ team does is not directly correlated with what I am studying, it is a great opportunity to learn about the different ways in which companies and organizations are pushing to be in sustainable practices. After my internship with BE+, the knowledge that I will have obtained will be of great use for my design development and will aid me to think in a perspective that I did not use before. I am looking forward to contributing to the various projects and events that the BE+ team will do and I’m excited to see a different aspect of buildings that I have not yet studied while in college.

Gwynn Klumpenaar
Spencer Gorma

Lila McNamee

Hello! My name is Lila McNamee and I am so excited to be interning with BE+ this summer. Since graduating this spring from Clark University with a degree in economics and a concentration in ethics and public policy, I have begun pursuing my Master’s in Public Administration, also at Clark University. During my time with BE+, I will be assisting with marketing and outreach as well as our education initiatives. I am very interested in both areas of this community and am excited to learn more about the built environment and those who are working to make it sustainable!

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