By Emily Kingston

We are honored to announce Finegold Alexander Architecture as our newest Advocate Level sponsor.

The success of Finegold Alexander Architects' projects results from their proven ability to balance the goal of design excellence within the realistic parameters of budget and schedule. Throughout the planning stages of a project, a variety of architectural concepts are fully explored in relation to aesthetics, function, site and environmental issues, engineering requirements, energy conservation, accessibility, cost, and schedule. 

When focusing on sustainability, Finegold Alexander Architects embraces the opportunity to develop sustainable energy sources and with the common sense of new planning and design creates spaces in a holistic approach to energy conservation. Interior finishes, materials and natural/artificial lighting are among initiatives that they can suggest and include to reduce energy use.

Welcome to our sponsoring partner community, Finegold Alexander Architecture. We are proud to have you as a partner and look forward to accomplishing great things together.

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