Sustainability Strategic Planning (for 2030 program, creating your firm's SAP)
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

Does your organization have goals for sustainability or a plan to achieve sustainability outcomes over time? Do you know how your company will manage the impacts of severe weather, power outages or pandemics in the future? This workshop can help you regardless of your current state. Some companies are starting from zero and want to create and implement a sustainability initiative or Climate Action Plan. Others are at the “random acts” of sustainability stage where a bunch of good things are happening but you want to take it to the next level, or formalize and institutionalize the program. Then there are those who have had a program in place, but are either stuck and plateaued or now want to ‘reboot’ or raise the bar. Some firms need to figure out (or re-evaluate) their approach to sustainability leadership, whether one Sustainability Director is the best fit, or another other model would be better - this will also be addressed. If your company is an architecture firm, who is also a signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment (or wants to be), this workshop can help you develop or refine the required SAP (sustainability action plan). This workshop helps participants understand both “the what” and “the how” of creating an effective plan and implementation roadmap including how to get buy-in and overcome organizational silos.


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