Performance Tracking and Continuous Improvement (AIA 2030 also)
Hours: 4
Express Program: YES


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

The only way that a design firm can continuously improve performance across its portfolio (and remain competitive) is to track, measure and learn from past work. Firms that do this deliver more value and better quality projects to their clients. As one owner once said, “If you don’t improve, you’re selling us your old mistakes”. The AIA 2030 Commitment program embodies this philosophy, but even if you are not an AIA 2030 Signatory firm, you can incorporate the same strategies to raise the bar of your work, differentiate yourself in a competitive marketplace and provide more value to your clients. There are two elements to explore if you are a Signatory: the use of the 2030’s DDx (Design Data Exchange) web portal to track and analyze data and the organizational approach to embedding performance as a priority in project teams, as well as in your firm’s culture and management. Regardless of your familiarity or participation in the 2030 program, this session will give you the tools, strategies and approaches to seamlessly build feedback loops and continuous improvement into your practice and leverage it for business development.


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