Negotiation Skills for Stressful Times (A) Intro
Hours: 7
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Course Description:

Do you encounter resistance to your ideas or feel overwhelmed dealing with conflict? Do you need to get clients, team members or others on the same page but find it challenging at times? Do you run into barriers, getting push-back about sustainability strategies? Are these challenging times forcing you to re-negotiate terms in contracts with clients, landlords or vendors? This interactive workshop will help with all of those situations and more. People in organizations negotiate all the time with their customers, prospects, partners, and coworkers to build relationships and achieve their desired outcomes. This workshop helps them build skills and strategies for maximizing the value developed through negotiating while building stronger relationships with the other parties involved. The session focuses on developing skills and to gain insights about customer needs and using those insights to create value for both parties It covers the following five topic areas: - Competitive negotiations (capturing more value and getting better outcomes) - Influencing skills (persuade others to do what you need them to do) - Negotiating styles (understanding different approaches to negotiation) - Collaborative negotiations (focusing on outcomes and relationships) - Communication (drawing out the other party’s needs and communicating your ideas) - Preparation (doing the right homework prior to the negotiation) The workshop is experiential interactive, and fun, focusing on providing relevant skills that the sellers can use immediately in their work. It is delivered in three segments of roughly 2.5 hours each in a virtual format. An optional, additional 2 hour session can be scheduled a few weeks after so participants can have time to apply their learning and come back to get coaching on challenges they faced. Each of the three sessions covers different topic areas and can be run separately, as follows: Session 1: Competitive Negotiations Session 2: Influencing Skills and Negotiating Styles Session 3: Collaborative Negotiations, Communication Skills, and Preparation


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