Motivation & Managing Change
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

Having a vision and setting goals for what you want to achieve is a great beginning but the real challenge is getting buy-in and getting everyone to adopt new behaviors or activities. Truly institutionalizing sustainability in a company’s culture, management and project delivery requires a very intentional and strategic process of engaging all stakeholders across your organization. This workshop addresses both the skills and tools needed for individuals to be effective change agents as well as the higher-level organizational strategic approach to implementing change management strategies that result in high levels of adoption and implementation of sustainability initiatives. This workshop helps you understand how to overcome barriers to change, create a sense of urgency that is critical to engaging others and build coalitions of support. At the organizational level, intentional change management programs include communications and marketing, accountability and incentives as well as metrics to track to evaluate ongoing success.


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