Leadership Effectiveness, Especially in Times of Crisis (A) Intro
Hours: 8
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

Developing your personal leadership effectiveness is critical for professional development regardless of your current role or title, especially in challenging times. If you currently lead a team, division, business unit, department or organization, you can improve your skills so that you can help your teams achieve more and have a better experience working together in the process. If you are not yet in a leadership role, you can still “lead from the middle” and use these skills in situations where your leader(s) may be causing problems or to help your colleagues when they are struggling. This workshop helps managers at all levels develop strong skills to inspire through vision, define objectives, get their people moving together toward common objectives, develop and empower their teams, deal with conflict and create a strong team culture. Participants develop heightened self-awareness of their particular leadership style and learn how to adapt to the changing needs of people in their teams. These skills make-or-break a company’s ability to be successful. (For design firms, sustainability leaders and project managers typically come from technical backgrounds with no support for these skills and often get frustrated trying to figure out how to be more effective, this session will help significantly).


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