Implicit Bias: Part 1
Hours: 3
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

- A common understanding of inclusivity and implicit bias in the workplace – basic facts of how inclusivity improves performance, current and historical trends, and how implicit bias manifests itself in the workplace.
- A deepened understanding of our individual and organizational biases – an examination and discussion of individual biases and assumptions in the workplace.
- The ability to recognize implicit bias and adopt alternative inclusive practices – an examination of real-workplace examples highlighting the personal, professional, organizational, and cultural (market) levels.
- Best Practices – specific, practical techniques (individual and organizational) to facilitate and support inclusivity and leverage strengths in our daily work.

Course Description:

Instructional Methods: This interactive session will feature a combination of brief presentations, group design, exercises, and facilitated, full-group discussions. The intent is for participants to deepen their knowledge and understanding of inclusivity and implicit bias in the broader employment market at this moment in time, within their organization, and in their own individual work. The Focus of this workshop is to improve overall employee engagement and performance by maximizing inclusion and minimizing implicit bias in the workplace. Part 1 provides an overview.


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