IDP Integrative Design Process: Establishing Corporate Methodology Part 1
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

Every day, it seems that project demands become more challenging yet schedules and budgets don’t increase. More specialists are involved today than ever before and incorporating all of these various experts so that their input and analysis can truly add value, feels almost impossible. The project delivery process itself feels like the ‘new design problem’! Integrative design is shorthand for a group process that is optimized for input, collaboration and synthesis. It differs from traditional project delivery in that it creates conditions conducive to deeper team engagement, greater clarity about expectations and the sequence of activities and optimizes multi-disciplinary problem solving to achieve better outcomes. This certainly enables better success for sustainability, but is critical for all kinds of projects. Most firms claim that they practice integrative design, especially at interviews, but struggle to articulate evidence of this in their practice. This session will enable you to go from claims to specific and credible evidence. Participants will understand how true sustainable design can be an inherent part of exemplary project delivery and not an added-on layer. Interactive small group exercises help participants apply learning to their personal experiences and gives them strategies and actions to incorporate into their work immediately, no matter where they are in the process! Participants leave this session with a clear understanding of the process and elements that should be built into project delivery to achieve the desired outcomes of synthesis and systems optimization. The next session helps participants develop strategies for implementing these cultural and process changes in the context of their firm for maximum buy-in.


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