High Performance Building Assemblies
Hours: 6
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

Why high-performance assemblies? And why now? Today we demand better thermal performance from our building assemblies than ever. But higher performance comes at a price: Designers and builders must pay attention to hundreds of hidden components. Things like corner joints. Window flashing. Hundreds of beads of sealant and runs of tape. Poorly designed, specified, or installed details in these areas can burden building owners with moisture and mold problems... façades falling to pieces... and drafty interiors that send tenants packing — sometimes, even suing. This course will cover: - How water moves through buildings - Continuous barriers: air, water, thermal - Vapor profiles vs. vapor retarders - What is WUFI — and is it for you? - To vent or not to vent...assemblies


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