Erosion Control, Part 2: The Tropics
Hours: 3
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

This course aims to explain the fundamentals of erosion control in a tropical setting, and how LEED v4 can have an impact on its development. Erosion problems in the tropics are described, and the appropriate erosion and sedimentation control (ESC) practices related to LEED certification are explained in detail. Technical drawings and examples are shown to facilitate comprehension of the proper implementation of ESC best practices, along with their functions, required materials and maintenance procedures. Two case studies of erosion and sediment control practices in Panama guide the technical implementation process of slope and soil stabilization. Participants should have a basic knowledge of ESC practices as requirements for the LEED v4 Sustainable Sites Prerequisite: Construction Activity Pollution Prevention, which is covered in the course "Erosion Control Part 1: An Introduction" in this series


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