Energy Modeling with Energy Plus: Part 3
Hours: 8
Express Program: YES


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

In Part 3 of this workshop we taylor topics towards students' interests. Topics include: -Specific technologies or strategies (e.g., radiant heating and cooling, VRF systems, natural ventilation, etc.) that are anticipated to be critical for your upcoming projects. -Software tools and techniques that we use ourselves to work more efficiently with EnergyPlus. -Introduction to the full OpenStudio application and how to map EnergyPlus concepts to the OpenStudio interface. -We have developed our training materials from scratch over a period of several years based on our extensive experience using EnergyPlus to model real-world projects and helping others to do the same. This workshop should be a prerequisite for anyone planning to work with EnergyPlus regardless of what user interface you choose.


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