Effective Communication
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

-Attendees will learn how to improve project management effectiveness through techniques such as meeting preparation, fostering full team participation, and driving project outcomes and goals -Attendees will develop coaching and nurturing skills to improve the performance of project team members -Attendees will learn how to influence clients and colleagues using powerful oral and non-verbal presentation delivery skills -Attendees will learn how to utilize persuasive listening skills to network and develop deeper relationships, both existing and future.

Course Description:

What makes for a successful client relationship? How can managers foster team engagement to reach project goals together? This course teaches the importance of relationship building for professional success in the field of architecture, and also covers networking with colleagues, skills in influencing including persuasive listening and assessing client needs, and strategies to grow a leadership role within the profession of building and design.


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