Design Charrettes: A tool to manage cost, optimize synthesis and achieve excellence
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

The demands for high performance, net zero, low carbon, resilient design are growing. A collaborative, “agile” design process is critical for success, and a key element in this process is the design “charrette” or workshop. Unfortunately, these charrettes are often underutilized and don’t deliver the value that they could. Sometimes they are a “one hit wonder” instead of a tool for synthesis that is repeated at key intervals. Sometimes they are just a “LEED checklist meeting” instead of a deeper exploration. Sometimes architects feel the need to outsource the charrette to green consultants completely and undermine their role and relationship with the client. Sometimes the charrette is separated out as a ‘sustainability charrette’ instead of integrating performance and health considerations as part of the holistic design approach. If you are an owner or a designer, and you want to use charrettes as a high-value tool to help unlock the potential of your project and optimize the integration of expertise as well as building systems optimization – this course is for you. Participants will leave with specific strategies, templates and guiding principles that will help them use charrettes as a means of building effective teams, controlling costs, coordinating the synthesis of strategies and keeping a project on track to achieve challenging goals.


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