Business Writing for Results
Hours: 2
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

The methods used in Business Writing for Results include a combination of discussion, demonstration, individual writing practice, and group exercises that reinforce the tools and techniques introduced during the session. This training will be conducted in a supportive and interactive environment with opportunities for practice, group, and one-on-one critique and feedback. Level of training is adjusted to the participants’ experience and skill level. Each participant will be asked to bring writing samples to the workshop. Group exercises may be developed based upon these samples, so that the participants can take lessons learned and readily implement them into their daily engagements. - Effective Business Writing An overview of the essentials for writing persuasive business communications of all types: email, text/instant message, Tweet, blog post, press release, and detailed formal proposals. - Word Choice: How to be more succinct, use active language, and communicate more clearly. - Language Simplification and Being Concise - Group exercises where teams will edit wordy and unclear paragraphs to eliminate excess language and substitute multiple word strings with ‘power words’. - Getting to the Point - Understanding how people prefer to have information delivered to them for maximum communication impact.


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