Building Owner’s Toolkit (A) Intro: Getting Most from your design teams
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

1. Understand how to get your own house in order - internal best practices, standards - turnover period etc
2. Develop best practices for Procuring a design team: (RFP language, interviewing design teams)
3. Formulate internal SOPs for setting a project up for success from initial kick-off through keeping a project on track. From critical-path decision roadmaps through turnover and POE.
4. Plan strategies to incorporate lessons-learned and continuous improvement into your close-out process and workflow.

Course Description:

The demands for net zero energy, carbon reduction and resilience are raising the bar for design professionals. Are you currently working with design teams who can meet that challenge? Many owners and developers are not happy with the level of leadership and expertise that their teams are bringing to the table. How can you determine who the capable firms are? What credentials and expectations should you be putting in your RFPs? Once you have an “A” Team, how can you ensure the process supports agile and well-considered decision making for critical issues? How do you weigh first cost against longer-term value? What about your own project managers – do they know how to keep a team on track or push them in the right direction? How do you make sure that ‘best practices’ are followed across your organization? This session answers those questions and more and participants leave with practical resources and strategies that they can to put to use immediately.


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