Building Highly Effective Teams (in Challenging Times) (A) Intro
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

Project staff frequently comes together to solve problems and deliver projects – but throwing people together to achieve a common objective doesn’t automatically make them truly a “team”. Most ‘teams’ consist of groups of people brought together under challenging circumstances with budgets and schedules that may cause anxiety and stress, even in the best circumstances. They struggle on a daily basis, with unclear goals, mixed messages, hidden conflicts and all kinds of issues. These dynamics lead to invisible losses in companies, with lack of efficiency and poor decision making. A high functioning team can thrive when trust is built and conditions are created that are conducive to success. This workshop focuses on practical ways to set up teams for success, structure project interactions to maximize collaboration and help people understand how to contribute most effectively given their own personal strengths and challenges. This workshop is highly interactive and gives people an opportunity to apply concepts through different exercises.


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