AIA 2030: Raising the Bar (A) Intermediate
Hours: 4
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Course Description:

Climate change and the impact of severe weather events is highlighting the urgency for design firms to align their practice with the delivery of resilient, low carbon buildings. More and more clients are demanding this expertise and firms are scrambling to figure out how to differentiate themselves and be competitive. If your firm is a signatory of the AIA 2030 Commitment and is “stuck”, or wants to become a signatory and doesn’t know where to start, this workshop is for you. After a few years in the program, many firms find that they can’t continue to achieve the same trajectory of success that they realized at first. Drawing from years of experience working with firms in these situations, this workshop shares lessons learned, strategies for success and frameworks and resources to help you succeed. Participants will walk away with immediate actions to take that will help them raise the bar within 6 months, including approaches to institutionalize continuous improvement and strategies to leverage their current (and future) success for marketing and business development.


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