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Turner Construction Company recently partnered with Simpson Gumpertz and Heger to educate staff on Mass Timber design and construction. Hosted at Simpson, Gumpertz, and Heger’s office in Waltham, MA, the first session included a technical presentation on Mass Timber structures. During the second session, attendees had the opportunity to tour the recently completed Mass Timber project at Wellesley College. The emphasis on Mass Timber at the Wellesley College Science Center is most notable in the building’s ‘Hub,’ a 15,000 sq. ft. area that serves as the focal point to the expansion. The Hub features Glue Laminated Timber (GLT), which is lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant adhesives. The use of GLT creates not only an aesthetically pleasing space, but is a considerable contribution to our company’s sustainability efforts.

Turner featured the Wellesley project in their submission to the 2022 Green Building Showcase.

Mass Timber has become a leading design due its environmental and potential cost benefits. As a natural material, wood stores carbon making it an excellent building material choice when considering the environmental impacts compared to other traditional building materials. Recent advances in the digital fabrication tools have created new possibilities to fabricate intricate Mass Timber members, which previously were not feasible. The ability to prefabricate the material reduces the project schedule and eliminates waste, bringing overall cost savings to a project. Additional benefits include increased building occupant health and well-being associated with the use of Mass Timber design and the ability to leave the structure exposed while maintaining the aesthetic of a completed ceiling.

Turner is always looking for ways to embrace new innovative and sustainable construction methods, and the successful use of Mass Timber has only strengthened our commitment to being a green builder. Nationally, Turner has already incorporated more than 3,000,000 sq. ft. of Mass Timber on our construction projects, and will continue to champion it along with a more sustainable future for the industry.

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