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With Greenbuild approaching, the USGBC BU chapter thought it would be helpful to enlighten students and volunteers on how to network and navigate the conference world. Our recent event, “How to Network at Greenbuild and Build Your Career in Sustainability,” brought together USGBC Students, the Emerging Professional group of the USGBC MA chapter, and students from the Boston area. Throughout the night, improvisation coach Marcus Hunter, walked us through what it looks like to network with confidence and start and sustain organic conversations. Check out our quick recap below:


  • Maintain eye contact when conversing
  • Make a point of learning the names of people you engage with
  • Make business cards
  • Create a LinkedIn account
  • Dress professionally
  • Ask questions that draw out your conversations and show interest
  • Know what sessions you’d like to attend


  • Hand out your resume in the place of a business card
  • Talk over the person you’re speaking with
  • Fidget while in conversation
  • Talk solely about yourself


Make a point of reaching out to people in roles that you are interested in pursuing
Specify where you met the person you’re following up with and how their work aligns with your goals
Ask for an informational interview or more general info on how to pursue certain avenues
Connect with other volunteers and stay in touch
Attend Emerging Professionals meetings with the USGBC MA chapter

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