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Welcome 2023 BE+ Board of Directors!

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2022 Annual Report

The Built Environment Plus Community & You in 2022

2ND DRAFT: Massachusetts is Ready for Net Zero

Our continued effort has increased the total of Net Zero Ready, or Net Zero Projects, collected in the analysis to 7.2 Million GSF in MA!

Congratulations to BE+ 2023 Sustainability Scavenger Hunt Winners!

You are AMAZING! This year was such a special Scavenger Hunt year because of YOU. We were blown away by the impact you all made with the 2023 mission submissions. It was heartwarming to see the good...

HMFH Architects Implements Material Transparency Initiative at Bristol‐Plymouth

The following post was provided by HMFH Architects.In 2019 HMFH Architects signed on to the AIA Materials Pledge. Signing this pledge demonstrates our commitment to the ecosystem, human, climate,...

Decarbonizing Laboratory Design

The following post was provided by Bala Consulting Engineers.Energy intense labs present owners, developers, and designers alike with a unique challenge to balance functional lab design with new...