Commonwealth Corporation Revises Express Grant and General Grant Programs

Since many of you in Massachusetts use Express Grant funding for your trainings, we wanted to let you know about recent changes to the MA Workforce Training Fund Program requirements. Due to continued increases in participation and in order to serve more clients, the Commonwealth Corporation has made the following adjustments to the Express Grant and General Grant programs, effective July 10, 2023:

1. The maximum amount of a General Program grant will decrease from $250,000 to $200,000 per two-year grant award. This is in addition to the re-implementation of the one-year waiting period between General Program grants.
2. The maximum amount of Express Program reimbursement that a business may receive for approved training courses will decrease from $30,000 to $20,000 per calendar year.
3. Employers with over 100 Massachusetts employees will no longer be eligible to receive Express Program grants and will be encouraged to submit General Program applications.
4. Employers may only participate in either the Express or General Program at one time.

Grant Applications received prior to July 10, 2023, will be included under the previous grant limits ($250,000 / $30,000).

Please note that BE+ public trainings are open to everyone, inside and outside of MA, with or without grant funding.

We welcome you to participate in our trainings and value your feedback. Please review our Training Priority List and fill out our Training Interest Form to let us know which courses you are interested in attending and also to provide feedback that would assist us in helping you meet your training needs.

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