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Preparing for Change: Understanding Your Baseline and Setting Goals

August 10, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

About the Class

You and your business may be eligible to take this training for FREE! Learn more about this opportunity at our Green Building Training Program website.

Understanding Your Baseline and Setting Goals

In “Preparing for Change: Understanding Your Baseline and Setting Goals,” participants develop an understanding of their current situation, the challenges and barriers they face, and the cultural and systemic dynamics that influence how they do business. They then deconstruct their workflow to identify critical changes they can put in place to achieve their business objectives. The instructor uses this highly interactive format to introduce participants to core educational principles related to change management and organizational effectiveness.

  • 2 hours: Baseline and assessments
  • 2 hours: Establishing objectives and comprehensive, specific changes that they need to make.
This course is part of the “Preparing for Change Course” Series

Every company has to implement new things – whether it is a new time sheet, new project management software, or a comprehensive initiative like diversity and inclusion. In these unprecedented times, the challenges associated with change are heightened and intensified: how can a company navigate the process of change most effectively? How can you overcome resistance and build buy-in and momentum so there is faster adoption? How will your workflow and processes change in relation to new goals? How do you communicate internally and externally? How can you engage employees at different levels and across different business units?

This series of workshops digs into your unique business context and shows you how to apply the principles of change management so that you can be empowered to apply the same approach into the future, when new challenges arise.

Green Building Training Program Information

This course is now funded through the Commonwealth Workforce Training Fund’s Small Business Direct Access Program (SBDAP). If you are a small, Massachusetts-based business that employs 100 people or less, you and your employees may be eligible to take this training session for free! Learn more about this opportunity at our Green Building Training Program website.

** This course will be hosted virtually. All attendees, regardless of whether or not they are eligible for the Green Building Training Program (GBTP), must register for the course through our Eventbrite page. For GBTP participants, your company’s enrollment in the Commonwealth Workforce Training Fund’s Small Business Direct Access Program (SBDAP) must be verified before you can access the Zoom link – unverified participants will not be let into the meeting. **

Is your company or organization interested in participating in this course series? Contact us at communications@builtenvironmentplus.org.



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