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Boost Organizational Resilience: People, Processes, Places Thriving in a Time of Crisis

April 14, 2020 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm

We are now seeing how critical organizational resilience is and how unprepared we are to deal with the human side of a crisis – from business continuity to psychological health. This webinar addresses the three pillars of resilience: People, processes, places, with a focus on the people and people-related processes. We address business processes, single points of failure, data security, managing people in a virtual environment and more. We will record and archive this presentation if you can not join live.

In our industry, we think of resilience predominantly as a physical infrastructure issue – passive survivability, uninterrupted power supply, and managing storm surges and flooding. The other side of resilience is business continuity and the human aspect of organizational function. Our current experience with COVID-19 is truly emphasizing how critical it is to be prepared to address the human dimension and manage operations from that perspective.

This webinar will address the issues of enhancing organizational resilience during times of crisis in general and a pandemic in particular. In the current situation where most people are working remotely, a variety of business processes, and ‘cultural’ norms are adversely affected. We will discuss the three pillars of resilience: People, processes, places, with a focus on the people and people-related processes.

Staff who are in managerial or leadership positions, will need to adapt leadership styles to accommodate the new reality of remote teams, and cultivate a stronger sense of team membership to facilitate productivity. In addition, staff will have the increased burden of balancing work obligations and home responsibilities (especially if they have younger children or others requiring more care).

The webinar will provide answers for the following questions:
1.     What are the psychological principles that should guide engaging with employees throughout the process of dealing with crisis?
2.     How can a “single point of failure” be avoided?
3.     Which of our business processes are vulnerable to disruption?
4.     How do we avoid burnout and employee turnover?

We will review practical “fixes” addressing issues related to communication; structuring the workday; and maintaining staff engagement. Finally, we will review strategies for self-care, personal resilience, and caring for others (employees, family members, etc.).

Meet the Presenter

Dr. Guy Sapirstein

Dr. Guy Sapirstein

Resilience Consulting

With a PhD in Clinical Psychology, Guy has been on the cutting edge of applied social science for the past 20 years. Following the events of September 11, 2001 he began collaborating on the development of models for enhancing resilience through individual, community and organizational preparedness and response. Those models have been successfully implemented across the United States and internationally. Currently he splits his time between coaching clients on personal and organizational resilience, helping leaders implement strategies for resilience in their organizations, and providing resilience focused psychotherapy for individuals and couples.

An experienced speaker, Guy has presented at numerous conferences including the first UN sponsored International Strategy for Disaster Reduction conference in Davos, Switzerland.  His articles have appeared in academic journals, trade publications and textbooks. Additionally, he co-authored several manuals (on crisis response and interventions) that have been translated into several languages and widely distributed by IBM Corporation as part of their crisis response following disasters in the USA, Pakistan, China, the Philippines and Haiti. Guy holds a PhD from the University of Connecticut and a BA in Social Studies from Bar-Ilan University in Israel.


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