Ways to Engage for Any Type of Company: Large or Small

When you support Built Environment Plus you’re making a commitment to a thriving and diverse community, creating a built environment of net positive systems of water and energy, of financial and social equity, and of ecological and human health. By becoming a Company Member, your business is demonstrating leadership in the green building industry and connecting with a regional network of green building professionals.

For more information about Company Membership and other opportunities for engagement and support, contact Meredith Elbaum at meredith@builtenvironmentplus.org, or call at 617-752-2422.

What type of company do you represent?

Visionaries: Architecture, Design, and Engineering
Architects, designers, and engineers are leading the innovation component of real estate. Network with potential clients, highlight exceptional green buildings conceived, designed, built and operated by our community, learn about the newest building technologies, and complete education requirements.

Groundbreakers: Construction and Trade Specialists
At the core of construction is a market transformation toward green buildings for all types, sizes, and budgets. Engage with environmental stakeholders, promote the adoption of best building practices, and assist in improving buildings for all across generations.

Vanguard: Property Owners and Managers
As leaders in the market, building owners shape the triple bottom line of environmental responsibility, social justice, and economic viability. Share your story of leadership through your exemplary buildings and engage with the building occupants focused on sustainability and healthy buildings.

Innovators: Technology and Building Products
Green technology firms and building product companies develop cutting-edge research and products to improve the health effects of buildings and expand environmental benefits. Connect with practitioners from all areas of real estate, construction, and building operation who are working to advance sustainable buildings.

Meet our current Company Members

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