Decarbonization Through Collective Action

Radical decarbonization is going to take more than just new products, tools, and data. In order to transform the design and construction of the built environment, we are going to need to reinvest in structures of collective action that have the power to also transform design practice.


The Carbon Leadership Forum, is dedicated to accelerating the transformation of the building sector to radically decarbonize buildings through collective action. The Carbon Leadership Forum propels knowledge through its research and resources, collaboration through its robust network of architects, engineers, contractors, material suppliers, building owners, policymakers and associations, and action by supporting and empowering its members to advance new ideas and approaches through impactful initiatives.

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Stephanie Carlisle, Senior Researcher at Carbon Leadership Forum

Stephanie Carlisle is an architect and ecologist whose work focuses on the interaction between the constructed and natural environment, including life cycle assessment, urban ecology, environmental justice, and climate policy. At the Carbon Leadership Forum, she works to develop open access embodied carbon and LCA data, tools, methods, and collaborative research networks to support the building sector in radically decarbonizing construction.