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For over 90 years, Superior Essex has forged a path by meeting and exceeding the wire and cable requirements for the automotive, industrial, commercial, residential, energy and communications markets.

We proudly trace our history back to 1930, when the Essex Wire Corporation was founded in Detroit, Michigan. Meanwhile, Superior Cable Corporation was founded in 1954, in Hickory, North Carolina. After many years of growth and change, in 1999, Superior TeleCom (formerly Superior Cable) acquired Essex International (formerly Essex Wire) and together they formed the company we are globally known as today – Superior Essex – now based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Our communication cable empowers the next generation of communications to be more adaptable, more efficient and more sustainable than ever before – because we believe that the technology that interconnects the world should also respect it.

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Annie Bevan, Global Head of Sustainability at Superior Essex

Annie Bevan is a sustainability professional with over 10 years of experience working with organizations to develop processes, procedures, and standards to analyze and certify various sustainability claims in products, supply chains, buildings, and within manufacturing operations. She is widely regarded in the industry as an expert in sustainability program development, corporate social responsibility and third-party verification. In her role as the Global Head of Sustainability, she oversees Superior Essex market leading sustainability program, working to collaborate and accelerate their sustainability platform through engagement with both customers and suppliers. She is driven by a passion to create positive change through collaboration and is inspired by the interconnectivity of all things in both nature and business.

In addition to her work at Superior Essex, she supports or has supported various leading entities as a technical advisor and collaborator to: the US Green Building Council’s Materials and Resources TAG for the LEED rating system, the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), my green lab, the Department of Defense, the General Services Administration, Clean Production Action and the GreenScreen Program, the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council, and the Collaborative for High Performing Schools, among other programs and efforts.

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