By Alexander Landa

There still seems to be much confusion regarding the WELL Building Standard. The WELL Building Standard was recently created to help design buildings that are better for human health. We anticipate that this building standard will greatly impact the building process and the types of buildings that are constructed in the future.

What makes WELL unique is the focus on the most important part of a building – and ultimately why they're created – for the inhabitants. What would be the point of a building if it didn't have a purpose? As evident by the recent growing trend in healthy materials, the industry of health and wellness is growing rapidly, ultimately leading to WELL being created.

WELL provides the framework for designers to plan ahead with a human-centered approach. If employers spend 90% of their annual operating costs on people, so even a small health improvement goes a long way.

To bring as many people up to speed with this new standard, we have organized an introductory session at our headquarters. This session will be beneficial for professionals from all sectors of the building industry: owners, engineers, builders and occupants interested in the new standard are encouraged to attend!

For those interested in learning more about the WELL Building Standard – or becoming WELL AP accredited, please attend our day-long information session. We cover everything you need to become, well… WELL knowledgeable! 

Register here
Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
8:30am – 4:30pm
50 Milk St., 14th Floor, Dali Room
Boston, MA, 02109

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