By USGBC Communications

We are honored to announce Embue as our newest Advocate Level sponsor!

Embue is a group of engineers and entrepreneurs that are obsessive about making apartments work more efficiently through automation, remote control, and alerts. Embue delivers solutions to owners, managers and residents that meet expectations of the smartphone culture for speed, information, and mobility. The Embue team is highly engaged in creating what it means to live in, manage or own tech automated apartments.  

Embue's mission is to make apartment building operations more efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective.

The company's goal? Intelligent buildings that automate management tasks, optimize resource use, and protect against loss, while providing a healthy comfortable environment tailored to residents’ individual needs.

Embue aims to transform multifamily portfolio, property management and resident experience in all segments of market through thoughtful application of technology. Embue’s cloud platform delivers building automation and analytics with a portfolio-wide dashboard and in-building network of smart devices. The Embue Sensor replaces the home thermostat and can adjust household temperature according to weather, humidity, occupancy and energy use patterns. The benefit? Cut a monthly bill by up to 25 percent, by not supplying energy where, or when, it’s not needed.

With experience in real estate tech, HVAC, energy efficiency, system/network architecture, full stack engineering, hardware supply chain, and scaling internationally, Embue has 6 patents issued to date and currently works in the Boston, New York, and Washington D.C. markets.

Welcome to our sponsoring partner community, Embue. We are proud to have you as a partner and look forward to accomplishing great things together.

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