By Grey Lee

Hello Everyone,

Are you interested in IAQ? Passive design? LEED ND? Taking the Green Associate Exam before it changes? Well we have a program for you!

We've decided that I should put up a weekly bulletin on the blog to capture the latest news of the Chapter's activities.

Is it a “summer breeze” yet?

What's been happening this week? Well, we've been working on a lot of things.

  • The Building Innovation & Technology Science Fair will be in mid-July and I'm forming a committee to help me organize it. Email me if you're interested!  We'll be seeking innovators, service providers, and product vendors who can show off really cool stuff. It will be fun! 
  • Passive Design for a Sustainable Future” is our Green Breakfast Club on Tuesday 5/13 at 7:30am in Boston. Please come for an in-depth conversation with Perkins+Will's Yanel de Angel and Jordan Zimmerman.
  • Our Green Schools Committee recently met and is moving forward with preparations for the Green Apple Day of Service in September. We are creating a “mini-grant” system to connect sponsors to worthy projects. Talk to Steve Muzzy for more info (
  • Crazy news from Boston City Hall on Wednesday night: within minutes, the council drafted and voted to approve a delay in the implementation of the Building Energy Reporting & Disclosure Ordinance (BERDO), which otherwise would require reporting starting 5/15/14. We are following the situation closely. Let me know if you have any inside information to share!
Other Events Coming Up:
  1. The Residential Green Building Committee is hosting a talk about indoor air quality on Monday 5/12
  2. Beyond Buildings – LEED ND symposium on 5/20
  3. We are holding a LEED Green Associate Exam Prep all-day workshop on 5/23
  4. Our Worcester Committee is holding a Green School Tour in Hudson on 5/29
I hope you read about the recent EPMA Earth Day Service Project – here's the screenshot from google maps of the site: quite green!

Our Board just had our annual retreat to examine our strategic priorities. These are:

  • Advocacy
  • Education
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership

We spent time examining what constituencies we want to priorities. These are:

  • Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC)
  • Building Owners & Managers
  • Planners and community developers
  • Legislators, other electeds and government officials
  • School building stakeholders
  • Product & services of the green building industry

We want to be more than a trade association.  After all, we have a massive and important social mission. Whereever these stakeholder populations overlap and where they intersect with our priorities, we will find the richest and most important programming opportunities. With high-value programming, we will build our membership and sponsorship base and grow our capacity to serve Massachusetts as a social benefit organization. 

Thank you for helping us in this important work. I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

Do you know when this would have been taken? Sorry about the glare – thank you Boston Properties, Cambridge Center, loved the decor at your Kendall Sq. HQ.
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