By Alexander Landa

Yesterday was Giving Tuesday, and it was a massive success – all thanks to YOU! Our community is awesome, and we're so happy to have great people interacting with us every day, all for #MoreGreenBuildings. With all of your generous contributions and time, we raised nearly $2000 – all going to our community, such as student scholarships and advocacy campaigns.

It's contributions like this that give us a reason to keep fighting for net-positive buildings and a more sustainable future, for us, and for future generations. You're the reason we do what we do, through your support, and as motivation to keep pushing.

We hope that you continue supporting our organization. If you're still moved to help us, you can donate to our Facebook campaign here.

If you missed out on what Giving Tuesday is exactly, you can learn more about this charitable day by reading here.

Read Grey Lee's thoughts on what we're fighting for in our organization.

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