By Celis Brisbin and the Board of Directors

USGBC Massachusetts stands together with Governor BakerMayor Walsh, and the more than 80 other Governors and Mayors across the region and across the country who have committed to upholding the Paris Climate Agreement and to pushing forward despite the failure of Federal leadership.

We condemn the decision of the current Administration to withdraw the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, and we redouble our commitment to drive sustainable and regenerative design, construction, and operation of the built environment!  As professionals, practitioners, and builders responsible for the construction and operation of our buildings, infrastructure, and communities, we can and will continue to lead the climate change fight! We can and will build carbon neutral cities and communities.

Now more than ever, our vision of thriving and diverse communities that are creating net positive buildings and neighborhoods provides a path forward.  Together, we are showing that positive environmental and social outcomes are not at odds with economics, but are actually drivers of new economic growth and new job creation. Today, Massachusetts and Boston lead the nation in energy efficiency and green building construction. We are a hub of innovation and economic growth and we are committed to a thriving and inclusive society.

We are confident that even in the face of an antagonistic Administration,  we can demonstrate leadership and we can work together towards a positive future for everyone.  
Join us in this!  

Become a member, or a sponsor, or attend our upcoming Showcase of projects demonstrating this work, and together we will help fulfill on the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Board of Directors and Celis Brisbin, Acting Executive Director

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