By Alexander Landa

Donald Trump's short time as President has already been dynamic and controversial, to put it bluntly. He's already said some things that is making the green community worry, but it looks like he's also considering to do some good in there as well. According to a Forbes article, Trump is looking to create projects relating to energy storage and grid modernization.

In Trumps Priority List of Emergency & National Security Projects, he lists off 50 items in his plan, some relating to the environment. Project #9 – Plains and Eastern Electric Transmission Lines – would carry massive amounts of energy of Oklahoma wind power to the southeast. Project #16 – TransWest Express – would move energy from Wyoming to Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Project $49 – Energy Storage and Grid Modernization – will create utility-scale batteries to store renewable energy, estimated to grow 8-times to 2.1 gigawatts by 2021.

Amazingly, these campaigns all together could add 9 gigawatts of zero-carbon, renewable power to the American grid – enough for 5 million homes.

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