Deltek Vision: Part 1
Hours: 6
Express Program: NOT YET


Learning Objectives:

Project Setup (2 hours)
- Adding and editing client info
- Adding and editing project info
- Adding phases, reimbursable, consultants
- Entering timesheets
- Managing empoyee activity
Project Management and Reports (4 hours)
- Dashboard overview
- Project management reports
- Managing marketing information

Course Description:

In this two part course you will learn all about Deltek Vision, this is part 1. The course will be split into two sections, the first being 2 hours will be all about project set up. This part will show students how to add and edit client info, add and edit project info, add phases, reimburstments, and consultants, enter timesheets, and manage employee activity. The second section will be 4 hours all about project management and reports. This will show you an overview of the dashboard, project management reports, and how to manage marketing information.


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