By Grey Lee

We had a great time getting together as Emerging Professionals last Thursday evening in East Boston. Thank you to our tour guide Christine Schonart, Branches Manager of the Boston Public Libraries, and the designer team from William Rawn Associates, Sindu Meier and Carla Ceruzzi (who is now at Sasaki) for organizing the tour!  The Green Engineer project consultant had representatives on hand – Marie Nolan, Ryan Montoni and Matt Smity – to help interpret some of the technical aspects of the building. Thank you to all – especially the large contingent of Chapter members who attended who are from East Boston – I felt like we were about to start another regional group all of the sudden.


Loving the undulating, light-enabling ceiling:



Looks like another emerging professional to me!



Matt, Marie, and Ryan found something amusing in the mechanical room:


Here's a nice article in the Boston Globe about the project. The place really has a lot going for it; beautifully designed, engineered for real savings and efficiency, and a cool view through the Bremen Street Park (and old rail right-of-way) of Downtown Boston:


Thank you again to EPMA and the project team for organizing this great tour. We had a great pub-crawl around Eastie afterwards, but that is another story entirely. Hello KO!

See you all at the next EPMA event on July 24th. 


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