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How efficient can your bathroom be? TOTO, a Bronze Chapter Sponsor of ours, aims to challenge this question by setting precedents with their products. With their PeoplePlanetWater mark of excellence, TOTO aims to directly benefit people, the environment, and water-saving efforts.

Examples of “People Innovations” include valve technology that more reliably regulates water temperature and electrolyzed water that keeps the toilet bowl clean without harsh chemicals. A notable “Planet Innovation” is EcoPower, a system that powers the automatic sensors in a faucet by using energy that is generated by water flowing through the faucet itself. TOTO has also pioneered many “Water Innovations”, such as Tornado Flush and Dual-Max, in order to use water as efficiently as possible.

TOTO also has a Global Environmental Vision in which their products help users conserve water, prevent global warming, keep the Earth clean, conserve natural resources and biodiversity, and contribute to local communities.

Recently, they undertook a project in which imperfect porcelain toilets were repurposed to make floor tiles. Now, all of TOTO's imperfect fired porcelain is donated to Crossville Tile for recycling. Read about TOTO's process for finding a solution for their imperfect porcelain.

We are grateful that TOTO is a sponsor of ours and cannot wait to see the innovations they come up with in the future.

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