By Anthony Lucivero, Advocacy Fellow

Yale University and the Global Network for Advanced Management collaborated on a study that surveyed 3,700 students at 29 of the world's top business schools.  The survey showed that these students are demanding strong and immediate environmental action from their future employers, who happen to be the corporations dragging their feet on environmental issues. 

The study found that 44% of the students surveyed were willing to take a lower salary to work with a company that is environmentally aware and active. One-fifth of the students surveyed said they would be unwilling to work for a company with a bad environmental reputation.  A majority of the respondents agreed that investing in environmental protection is a profitable course of action, and that it will stimulate economic growth.  Nearly three-quarters of the students said they plan on integrating environmental sustainability within their careers.

This is heartening news to the environmental community, and especially for green building.  As the demand for environmental responsbility grows, the green building economy will continue to expand at the behest of these future leaders. 

You can read the full report here!

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