By Ryan Duffy, Communications Fellow

Tomorrow, the 18th, join as at 6 PM in Worcester for a Green Roofs Costs and Benefits webinar!  This is a great opportunity to learn more about green roofs and their importance in green building.  Note that webinars are pre-recorded and must be attended in person to receive credit. 

About This Event:

A Green Roof installation is a strategy that can contribute up to 20% of the total credits needed to attain LEED certification. Furthermore, a Green Roof can be on a partial portion of the roof and need not fully cover the available roof area. This course will provide you with thermal properties information and quantify the potential energy savings so that a cost/benefit analysis can be made. Rainwater quality and quantity measurements are provided as well. Course participants will gain valuable knowledge on the component parts of green roofs, and savings potential gained from installing a green roof.

The information provided will be useful to many of our members: contractors, investors, property owners, developers, businesses, commercial organizations, and all other LEED professionals.

Webinar Goals:

  1. Learn about the thermal properties of green roofs and the best climates and conditions that provide information for best practices when installing and maintaining a green roof.
  2. Learn about two case studies that quantify the energy savings potential and rainwater management properties of green roofs
  3. Learn about the multiple credit categories and amount of points that an installation of a green roof can contribute towards for LEED certification
  4. Learn about the green roof market and a green roof benefits and costs

The webinar will take place at Sustainability Hub, located at 912 South Main Street in Worcester. Register for the event here, and print your PARKING PASS here!

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