By Grey Lee


I recently sent out a note to all the USGBC National Members in the Commonwealth. It's a great group of almost 400 seriously green organizations!

Hello, I wanted to say thank you to your firm for being part of the USGBC. Together, we are a powerful force for the transformation of our built environment toward sustainability. Green buildings are making a positive difference in the health and welfare of our communities and the world around us.

I appreciate that you and your firm connect with our vision: “buildings and communities will regenerate and sustain the health and vitality of all life within a generation.” This is a big challenge! I'm glad we're working on this together.

I run the Massachusetts Chapter of the USGBC and we organize educational and networking events to improve the professional cadre in the green building industry. We foster a sense of community that continually grows our influence to advocate for market adoption and regulatory support of green buildings and sustainable design. We serve as a hub for information on the state of the industry and a 

connecting place for stakeholders. 
Thank you especially to your peer USGBC National member organizations who are among our Chapter Sponsors: AHA Consulting Engineers, Simpson Gumpertz & Heger, F.D. Sterritt Lumber Co., Nitsch Engineering and National Grid.
Many of your employees are LEED AP & GAs – over 5000 in the state! Many are members of the local Massachusetts Chapter of the USGBC. Firms join the National USGBC, while individuals join the local Chapter. We are a very active and dedicated group. We have a monthly networking meeting on Tuesday, 7/16 in Boston. 
I'm interested in learning how could I connect with more of your colleagues at your firm and let them know about more of our activities and events. I'm constantly trying to grow the connections in our community in order to strengthen our effectiveness toward our vision.
Let me know if you have an internal newsletter or announcement system, where you might be on social media, or otherwise. I hope we can cross-promote events, and I hope I can convince you and some of the people at your organization to engage with the USGBC MA Chapter.
Thank you again for your continued participation with the USGBC at the national level; I look forward to meeting you and/or your peers through activities in Massachusetts through the local Chapter.
All the best,
Grey Lee

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