By Grey Lee

WegoWise is an energy management software company that started in Boston and is now international in scope. This video provides a brief explanation of how the company saves homeowners and property owners money all while saving energy.  The concept is simple; WegoWise automatically manages and collects your utility data, saving you time, money, and toil.

WegoWise provides energy and water data in an easy-to-digest report for customer and independent analysis, and normalizes your data to calendar months and rolls up meter data to the building and property level. WegoWise then provides three benchmarks for customers to see the relative efficiency, costs, and savings potential of each of their properties' utilities. The company's success is shown in the data below:

At our Building Tech Forum to impart some wisdom earned from the field will be Dan Teague of WegoWise. It will be great to hear how a wonderful idea can catch on, expand into a growing business, and help people improve their buildings' energy performace – thank you for sharing your story, WegoWise!

Read more about WegoWise on its website.

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