By Ryan Duffy, Communications Fellow

One of our special Silver Sponsoring Partners is Nitsch Engineering. We have benefitted from the presence of Sandy Brock, partner at Nistch and Chief Engineer, as a Director on our Board for many years. Other staff including Jared Gentilucci have been instrumental in managing our efforts in Central Massachusetts, where we have used Nitsch's offices in Worcester to hold events and educational sessions.

Nitsch Engineering delivers client-focused, creative, cost-effective, and sustainable project solutions to its building/site development and infrastructure clients. Nitsch specializes in providing civil engineering, land surveying, transportation engineering, structural engineering, green infrastructure, planning, and GIS services. Since 1989, Nitsch has worked with academic clients, developers, corporate and institutional owners, public agencies, architects, and other design professionals on major private development and public infrastructure projects in 18 states and five countries.

The group is committed to addressing the issues of climate change and resiliency. They understand that each community threatened by climate change faces a unique situation that requires tailored solutions: one-size-fits-all solutions are not an option. Green infrastructure is an integral part of addressing climate change concerns. Combining landscape beautification with stormwater management produces a number of important benefits that are highly adaptable to various climates.

For example, an increase in vegetation lowers urban heat island effects and increases the natural evaporative cooling abilities of plants. Further, these softscapes act as natural “sponges” to absorb increased precipitation expected in humid climates, reducing the strain on aging infrastructure caused by every day rainfall while buffering the impacts of damaging weather to protect development and investment. In recognition of such benefits, these techniques are increasingly being utilized in major cities including Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York City, and Boston – and Nitsch Engineering has been actively involved in designing resilient projects in each of these areas.

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